Wildfire Retrievers

Meet The Wildfire Retrievers Family

Adorable dogs, who love to play, love and be hugged.

Take one of these great pups home with you and get a companion and a best friend for life.

Wildfire's La Rojo, Red

LA ROJO is an Pointing American Dark Red Lab. She is a great hunter and points. She is a very adorable dog who loves to play a lot. Her hips are good. Elbows are normal. She is pregnant in this picture. Born 11/6/12. EIC: Clear. Red's parents are Master Pointing Retriever Champions.

Red does not have puppies anymore, but she added to our great line.

Wildfire's Firestorm, Fire

Fire is a Pointing American Lab. She is the newest member of the family. Fire was born in November 2017. She has started pointing and we are very excited about it. She has excellent hips and is EIC clear.

Fire will be having her first litter in July. You can see how beautiful our pups are! She loves to swim in the pond, retrieve, retrieve and retrieve. She loves to hunt birds and be hugged.

Wildfire's El Primo, Primo

El Primo is a American Fox Red Lab. He is available for stud. He is the most loveable dog you could ever own. When he was born, our mission was to train him to be the best dog a person could have and Primo is just that.

Primo is a good hunter. He points and enjoys swimming in the pond, retrieving bumpers, and cuddling. Primo has excellent hips and normal elbows. EIC: Carrier. He was born on 5/30/2010. The picture of a dog running on our home page is Primo.

About Our Dogs

One thing we have been told about our dogs at Wildfire is that they have "loving and caring personalities."  We haven't had one unhappy customer. We have a No Questions Asked Return policy! 

People only keep coming back to us for more life companions because one isn't enough!